So, you want to groove with the rhythm of music? You want to have fun but still shed some pesky pounds, right? It’s time to join the Santa Monica dance classes to learn the steps and to hone your skill.

Well, if you are looking for Salsa in the greater LA area, be sure to check out the Arthur Murray Los Angeles dance studio. As a matter of fact the studio has everything a dance enthusiast could possibly ask for. A visually engaging setting (both in terms of architecture and décor), great dance lessons, a stunning floor in excellent condition and of course a full house – yes the dance studio is all these and even much more.

So, here’s an insider story! There were around twenty people for the lesson. And more arrived later! By another hour there were more people and quite possibly forty or fifty may be. Yes, the main dance floor at the Los Angeles dance studio was packed. The lessons started.

History tells us, Salsa came into full flower in New York in the 60s thanks to Fania Records, an independent label that produced some of the most innovative music of the period. Fania needed a catchy term to attach to its artists’ unique fusion of Latin, Spanish and African rhythms and styles, and the “Salsa” craze was born.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and if you are into Salsa dancing in Santa Monica, make sure to check this out. If you are into dance, but Salsa is not your main dance, worry not; here you will find other many dance programs that suits your need and also matches your fancy.

Getting Married? Attending a Wedding? The Arthur Murray Los Angeles dance studio is the perfect place to learn. They offer several wedding packages from first dance, reception, and honeymoon. Come create a lifetime of memories together!

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