Salsa dancing in Santa Monica is definitely an experience. Of course; you should prepare yourself mentally for the new experiences. The dance classes will most likely consist of one instructor at the front of the classroom – near a mirror – and anywhere between five and ten other students. The number of students also depends on the size of the classroom.

Selection of the right dance school is definitely the key. You should do your research well before selecting any dance lessons in Santa Monica. Also; you should practice stretching and deep breathing before your first class at the Los Angeles dance studios.

All Arthur Murray franchised Dance Studios are independently owned and operated by individuals who started as dance instructors and worked their way up to the executive level. By the time they are qualified to purchase a franchise, they have experienced every phase of studio operations, from teaching and supervising to marketing and managing.  Building from within has kept the studio system strong, with franchisees that are committed to the Spirit of Excellence, which is the hallmark of the entire Arthur Murray system. Currently there are approximately 180 Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios worldwide.

Here are a few tips to follow

Don’t back lead. Remember; you are called a “follower” for a reason so your role should be to follow. You should listen to your lead not only your eyes and ears, but with your body.

Do not dip yourself. Yes; you will learn it at the los Angeles dance studio that throwing yourself down into your lead’s arms is never okay. A good dip involves both you and your lead managing your body weight and the dip.

Listen to the music. Possibly by now you know this already that salsa is danced with a specific count, and you need to respect this and your partner’s interpretations of it.

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