So you want to learn how to salsa right? Possibly you already have a salsero/salsera wanting to take your dancing to the next level! Time is of essence so join a reputed class for Salsa dancing in Santa Monica.

Salsa came into full flower in New York in the 60s thanks to Fania Records, an independent label that produced some of the most innovative music of the period. Fania needed a catchy term to attach to its artists’ unique fusion of Latin, Spanish, and African rhythms and styles, and the “Salsa” craze was born. The dance lessons santa monica has been designed to help the professionals in honing their skill as well as in helping the novice in learning more.

Here we are talking about the most common sins of Salsa here –

Leading yourself (for ladies): Keep in mind; salsa dancing is a partnership activity that requires a coordinated effort by both the leader and the follower. Ladies; please wait for the lead.

Out-Shining The Ladies (for men): Please be mindful of your partner’s ability to dance and the level of her dancing skill. Do not try not to commit the sin of out-shining your lady!

Considering there’s only one right way to dance Salsa – According to the dance experts at the Arthur Murray dance center Santa Monica, people unfortunately sometimes believe that the way they dance is the only right way. It is s always better to think about variable approaches rather than right or wrong ways to dance.

Not practicing good dance etiquette: Join the dance lessons santa monica for practicing the right etiquette. Basically; etiquette is a matter of being considerate of all those around you-your partner as well as others.

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